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NYC Beekeeping Could Become Legal; Jekyll & Hyde Settles

THE BEES— Urban beekeeping, currently an illegal activity in New York City, may become legal again. A bill before City Council proposes lifting the ban on owning bees, freeing (but probably disappointing at the same time) secretive beekeepers all across Bushwick. [PSFK]

NOLITA— Curbed reveals some interesting tidbits on the Nolita Shake Shack space. For one, it is owned by the notorious Gottlieb family (they are known to let properties rot). Secondly, some neighbors are not psyched about the Shackification of the neighborhood. And third, that planned roof may break zoning regulations. [Curbed]

MIDTOWN—Grub Street reports that the owners of Jekyll & Hyde paid out $745,000 in a settlement for a class action lawsuit. Former workers were claiming the restaurant withheld overtime wages and often didn't meet minimum wage requirements. [GS]

RIP— Al Bernardin, the creator McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese, has passed away. The man started in the product development wing of McDonald's HQ in 1961, was the original Dean of Hamburger University (the Mickey D's training center) and also helped develop the Filet-O-Fish, hot apple pie, and frozen french fry recipes for the company. [Chicago Tribune, via Eater National]

Shake Shack Nolita

47 Prince St., New York, NY

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