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FW: A Scam at JetBlue's Terminal 5

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Thank you for visiting the Eater Complaints Department, your unedited platform for voicing poor dining experiences, gross restaurant trends, and general underhandedness. Have grievances? Operators are standing by.

From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, January 29, 2010
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: A Scam at JetBlue's Terminal 5


Just a note to your readers—NEVER order from the touch screens in JFK Jet Blue terminal!! We ordered $30 worth of food, they added mandatory gratuity from the start, and we never got our food. The restaurant, called Revive, has no phone number, and no way of contacting them. This is a total scam! I called the company that runs the restaurants, OTG management, and their answer was "your complaint
has been passed on"—and no, they do not have a number for the restaurant!

I don't think a restaurant even exists! Anyways, it was my dumb fault for using this touch screen order thing that nobody else was using but, maybe your readers can learn from my mistake.

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