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Midtown Goes Nuts for Free Milkshakes in Sub-Zero Weather

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Someone at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen is very, very happy right now. Although the above scene may look like a promotion gone wrong to some, the Midtown lunch spot is making bank off of its free milkshake promotion. Every single person in that stampede has to buy a burger before getting their free milkshake. A report from the scene:

Good news is that Schnipper’s birthday promo today is a H-U-G-E success! Free float, shake, or beer with your burger order until 11pm tonight! Bad news is that the wait for your food orders is a MINIMUM of 45 minutes (the shakes are ready to go but the burgers only cook a few at a time). Seems like someone didn’t think this through the second part of the deal very well. Here’s a snapshot of the line at 2:15 pm. When I left at 3, it looked pretty much the same.
We can't even imagine how insane it would be were it not 10 below zero out (the Times' Kim Severson seems equally mystified by the turn out).
· Dealfeed: Schnipper's Quality Kitchen [~ENY~]


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