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Following Smoking Crackdown, City Moves to Shut M2

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Following the news that the city had identified five nightlife venues in their latest smoking crackdown, the Department of Health sat down with reps from M2 and the Imperial yesterday, and seem to have their hearts set on shutting down M2 over their flagrant violation of the smoking ban. According the Daily News, the evidence against M2 is rather extensive, and "includes testimony and photographs of bouncers chatting with cigar smokers, cigarettes for sale in bathrooms and waitresses serving drinks to people with lit cigarettes in hand." M2's attorney Robert Bookman claimed the club was powerless to stop the smoking, pleading "we're asking the city for guidance."

While there will be no deal for M2, the Imperial may have bought itself one final chance by agreeing to pay a steep fine and actually crack down on smoking inside the venue. Lit, the Box and Southside were all granted a delay so that they could have additional time to prepare their defense, and will return next month. Meanwhile, Blackbook and Gawker's man-about-town Foster Kamer gives everyone a few reasons to embrace the smoking ban, saying "there aren’t “mommy laws” in New Jersey, and I constantly think about going there just to smoke inside and get cheaper cigs. And anything that makes me want to go to Jersey has to be really, really bad. And that makes me want to quit smoking!" Way to stay positive!
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