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Lawyers Seek More Disgruntled Workers to Stick it to Frank

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Last June a couple of former employees filed a class action lawsuit against Frank, the little Italian restaurant on 2nd Ave. and 5th and its sister restaurants Supper and Lil' Frankies. The server and bartender alleged that the restaurant illegally included managers and the kitchen in the tip pool and never paid basic wages. Commenters at the time seemed fairly divided on whether or not the plaintiffs were rightfully sticking it to the man or selfishly trying to squeeze him for money. Regardless, the employees are still looking for more aggrieved workers to join their suit and have launched a website for easy sign-up. Disgruntled Frank waitresses, you too can share in the joys of the protracted litigation process!
· Frank Restaurant - Collective Action Lawsuit [Official Site]
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88 2nd Ave., New York, NY

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