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Whole Foods to Employees: Fatties Need Not Apply

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Whole Foods recently announced a new health care initiative to cut company costs and put some money in the pockets of workers. Employees that don't smoke, have low cholesterol, and maintain a low BMI get higher discounts than the fatties in the company. Everyone receives a 20 percent discount, but those who sign up for free health screenings can get an extra 10 percent off if they stay fit.

Naturally, defenders of the obese are already up in arms about the move, claiming that the company is giving unfair advantages to those who are naturally thin (true). They're even calling for a boycott! Complains one Chelsea shopper, "I'm kinda' chubby. If I worked there, I would get less of a discount than skinny workers? It's ridiculous." Meanwhile, Jezebel readers are calling the measure "not only be douche-tastic, but also racist." CEO John Mackey calls it a win-win.
· Whole Foods to give greater employee discounts to workers with lower BMI, cholesterol [NYDN]

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