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The Early Assessments of West Village Newcomer Recette

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After trying their luck in the exclusive (and expensive) world of private dining, Chef Jesse Schenker (formerly from Gordon Ramsay at The London NYC) and Pastry Chef Christina Lee (who boasts a Per Se resume addition) decided to give New Yorkers a more accessible dining experience at their new West Village joint, Recette. The menu, thankfully, sounds a bit more complex than the typical comfort food default all too common these days. Scheneker calls it "modern American," with local ingredients, a Mediterranean twist, and - of course - cooking techniques he claims are "Michelin" quality. Already the reviews are rolling in.

The Overly Exciting News: Recette's fare apparently warrants an overload of exclamation points, according to this Yelper: "The branzino was dynamite, and my friend ordered the beef. We also tried the scallops, the pork belly, and the grits! WOW!! I can't even tell you what was the best thing we ate because it was all delicious. Then we tried the decconstructed s'mores dessert. OMG - unbelievable! I hope that Recette lasts on the scene and sticks around a while - I can't wait to go back!" [Yelp]

The Delicious News: It's All Fare files an early rave: "Although we had just finished a rather large dinner, we found room in our stomachs as Jesse's creations are too good to pass up- the crispy, salty razor clams have a touch of heat when eaten with the accompanying chili compote and cherry pepper." Not only that, but it seems as if there's also an "inventive cocktail list." [It's All Fare]

The Not so Great News: On Yelpers is not totally satisfied: " Delicious!!! But tiny tiny tiny! One gripe and one gripe only (aside from the noise level and the terrible ventilation resulting in clothing that reek with food smells) is the portion size. Terribly stingy." [Yelp]

The Dessert Perfection News: According to some, it seems as if Lee steals Scheneker's spotlight. The folks at Glenwood were only able to sample some dishes, but assured readers that they " will definitely be back for more, if only to taste some of Lee's scrumptious-looking desserts." For some more Lee lovin', a Yelper also admits that "the dessert was the highlight of my meal." [Glenwood; Yelp]

The Tasty but Needs Work News: Gotham Gal checks in and notes that the food is delicious, if heavy handed, but the restaurant itself needs work: "The place is frenetic. So many people in the kitchen and waiters running around like their heads were cut off. I figure that will eventually work itself out. There are a few things that need changing. The noise level is deafening. There is also no rhyme or reason on how they set up the tables. It is as if they were just thrown in and pushed around. Between the tables, the noise and the confusion, the place is vibe-less. Is that a word? We both felt as if Recette is a pop-up restaurant tossed into an open space for a few weeks to taste the chefs wares." [Gotham Gal]

The, Well, Simply Good News: The Martini Boys already posted their honest, and positive, opinion of Scheneker's work: "The best dishes at Recette are thoughtful but unpretentious — simply put: good food. The food is terrific – the sous vide pork tenderloin with parmesan custard alone has been causing keyboard keys to be worn out with giddy excitement - but you would expect nothing less from a chef that has done time at Gordon Ramsay at the London and then in an about-face, trigger a late-night “private dining” room out of an East Harlem bakery." [Martini Boys]
—Natassia Miller


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328 West 12th St., New York, NY

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