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Following Expose, Smoking Crackdown Begins Anew

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Six years after Mayor Bloomberg had smoking banned from restaurants and bars, it became apparent that some venues had decided that ignorance was bliss and began to let their customers light up again. For the most part, the rule has been positively received by owners and customers, but both groups thought that they were a few ways that the ban could be improved beyond having inspectors trying to catch smokers in the act. Following an exposé in the Times that named names, it appears that the city has declined the improvement path, opting instead to crack some skulls.

A somber Steve Lewis reports:

Nightclubs are being inspected by teams of cops and health department mercenaries constantly and it’s beginning to get ugly. An operator has told me that you can expect a visit at least every other day. Another told me it’s not the visits that are bad, but the attitude. They are carrying cameras and are being very rude to both staff and patrons.
You'd probably have a bad attitude too if your boss kept sending you to the same nightclubs at all hours of the night every other day to see if twenty somethings were smoking. Expect the inspections to go on until they think the clubs have learned their lessons, at which time customers will begin lighting up again.
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