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The Rise And Eventual Fall of the Jersey Shore Cast

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Since the Jersey Shore premiered in December, it seems that nary a day goes by without some tabloid story about the cast of MTV's reality juggernaut. Lucky for us, most of them have something to do with restaurants and nightlife. Below is a scientific chart tracking the Jersey Shore's meteoric rise into society. But what goes up eventually comes down. Reality TV stars have a way of accelerating that timeline.


1. Before the show premieres, these lovable Guidos and Guidettes were unknown.
2. Jersey Shore premieres on MTV in early December, the cast become instant celebrities.
3. Hoping to capitalize on the show's success, Tortilla Flats introduces the Snooki Punch Taco, in honor of the "most fascinating guidette of 2009.".
4. Several castmates are spotted throwing down at Marquee, which is joyously celebrated by club owner Jason Strauss on Twitter. Things are getting big. In fact, things are getting very big.

5. After Page Six reported a Jersey Shore sighting at the Eldridge, Matt Levine emails everyone in his contact list to deny it ever happened. This sends the group's popularity through the roof.
6. Several club owners report that the now infamous group has raised their appearance fee price to $10,000, a level that the owners find obnoxiously high. The cast is knocked down a few pegs.
7. A Jersey Shore crew show up at Greenhouse, where America's Sweetheart Snooki almost gets into a brawl but still manages to hook up with several men.
8. DJ Pauly D is booked for a Jersey Shore theme party at Sutton Place. By all accounts the party is a smashing success and attract legions of ladies hoping to get a piece of Rhode Island's Man of the Year. The Jersey Shore is a legit phenomenon.
9. 2000 people show up for a Jersey Shore party at a Montclair, NJ bar that only holds 800, almost leading to a riot. You can see the tide beginning to turn.
10. NYC bars begin hosting Jersey Shore themed events without bothering to hire anyone from the show, proving that it really isn't about the people, it's all about the GTL lifestyle.
11. After the Jersey Shore stars asked MTV for $10,000 an episode for season two, the network tips off Page Six that they don't need the cast for second season, and can find another group of Guidos and Guidettes to be even more outrageous and generate the same ratings. Their wild ride has reached the end.
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