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The Old Aureole Could be Yours for $11.5 Million!

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Last week a former Aureole regular emailed in to report multiple "serious looking entourages" had been seen going in and out of restaurateur Charlie Palmer's five-story townhouse on 61st St. and Madison, the former home on the newly relocated restaurant. But from the looks of a couple of mentions in NYMag and the Wall Street Journal, there are no takers yet. The publications report Palmer is looking for $11.5 million for the whole shebang, which includes the restaurant space and basement and one rented and two vacant apartments. The mustachioed restaurant man has owned the building for 23 years, so expect him to make a pretty penny no matter what the final closing costs. Bonus: it was once home to Orson Welles.
· Palmer Asks $11.5 Million For Restaurant Building [WSJ]
· Fame Slept Here [NYM]


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The Former Aureole

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