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Dessert Truck's Brick and Mortar Space, DT Works, Now Open

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6 Clinton St., LES
Status: Opened at 11 AM today.

Today, the folks behind the beloved, but defunct Dessert Truck have made the shift from the streets to a brick and mortar operation. Welcome DT Works, a sliver of a space on 6 Clinton Street that for now serves the same menu of desserts as the truck—more items will be added in the coming weeks. Stop in for baked apples, molten chocolate cake, brioche doughnuts, cheesecake, creme brulee, and more. Hooks on a side wall are meant for regulars' coffee mugs.
Previous Reading: Opening Update, 1/18/10; Pre-Plywood, 10/2/09
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DT Works

6 Clinton St., New York, NY

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