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Reichl Inches Closer to Big Screen; Koglin Hams to Close

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LAUNCHES & RELEASES— Coffee nerds rejoice! The Time's T website has launched a coffee blog written by coffee nut Oliver Strand and named Ristretto. Check out the serious coffee happening at Danny Meyer's Maialino in the first installment. [Ristretto]

GRAND CENTRAL— 10 year-old Grand Central Market meat shop Koglin Hams is closing next Friday. The owner is moving to the Philippines. Everything in stock is on sale. [Diner's Journal]

ON THE SCREENRuth Reichl just might be coming to a theater near you, maybe. Her memoir "Garlic and Sapphires" was sold to Fox years ago and according to a rep from Fox, the film is in "active development." [DD via Eater LA]

CHAINDOM— A great review of the new Domino's Pizza over on the Awl. [The Awl]

[Photo from T Mag]


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