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Vutera in Williamsburg Robbed; Wafels & Dinges Schools Flay

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WILLIAMSBURG— The Brooklyn Paper reports that Vutera, a bar/venue/restaurant in Williamsburg was ransacked and robbed on Sunday night: "Owners showed police a security tape, which recorded the man trying to get through the back door between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue at about 9 am, but he failed. Then the sneaky thug climbed through the club’s air ducts to get inside, breaking everything he could find." He stole $2,000. [BP]

THROWDOWNSWafels & Dinges went up against Bobby Flay in a Belgian waffle Throwdown, aired last night, and Thomas DeGeest from the truck totaly schooled the Iron Chef. Click through to Midtown Lunch to see the video. [ML]

WILLIAMSBURG— The latest photo installation by the blog The Selby chronicles an afternoon at the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Williamsburg. [The Selby]


345 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY

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