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Operator Alan Phillips Gets In the Blog Game

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Fresh off a summer of running the nightclubs at Atlantic City's Chelsea Hotel, operator Alan Phillips (SKY Group) has launched a nightlife column for ClubPlanet. Calling it Cocktail Hour with Alan Philips, the weekly piece promises to give like minded individuals the information they really want to know. Why him? Why now? Philips explains:

So often I read reviews from 50-year-old writers, with no access, telling me that this place is too loud and trendy, or this chef’s flavors are bold and too overdone. I want it loud, sometimes even trendy, and the average person can’t even appreciate the taste of sushi without sauces like spicy mayo and citrus yuzu.
Unfortunately, those people can't be taken out back and shot, but at least we have Cocktail Hour. The kickoff posts investigate the Top Vibe Restaurants in NYC and a 4,000 word treatise on real DJs. Did someone say Pulitzer?
· Cocktail Hour With Alan Philips [ClubPlanet]

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