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Snooki Finds Trouble And Love At Greenhouse

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The cast of the Jersey Shore has partied at Marquee and been poo pooed at the Eldridge, but it seems like they may have found a home at Greenhouse. The Daily News breathlessly reports that Snooki, The Situation and several other stars of MTV's semi popular show partied at Jon B.'s eco-friendly and often sued club, but not everyone was so happy to see them. It seems that Snooki (surprise!) almost got into a brawl with another girl in the club "because [Snooki] knocked off one of her accessories." Hold up! No one does Snooki like that! Luckily, things calmed down enough to allow the Snooks to hook up with several gents, and the rest lived happily ever after.
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150 Varick St, New York, NY

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