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Trabocchi Finally Speaks (Kind of) After Four Seasons Split

Fabio Trabocchi, famed New York chef, gives his first interviews since his sudden and shocking departure from the Four Seasons restaurant last week to Josh Ozersky and Gael Greene, and sadly, not much is revealed. Joshy doesn't broach the sensitive subject of the split (which occurred three months into his tenure) at all, keeping the conversation to safe, highly technical pasta talk and a discussion on the lack of Italian four star restaurants in NYC.

Trabocchi meanwhile tells Gael that New York has been tough for him, confirming earlier reports that he is considering retreating back to Washington D.C. He also gives this vague statement, "We are in a brand new era...We were living in an optimistic time and now it’s over.” Supposedly that means he wants to switch to cooking more affordable homestyle fare.
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