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Cocktails, Celebrity Booze: Best & Worst Trends Of The Aughts

When Jonathan Miles rightly used his final column to celebrate the cocktail craze of the past decade, he properly noted that, "cocktail was no longer a fashion accessory, as it was in the ’90s. It was fashion itself." But as cocktail lists have become de rigueur at restaurants and bars, society is now plagued with a problem even more serious than the "appletini" craze. Celebrity branded booze is starting to pop up everywhere, and it's getting out of hand.

Jay Z led things off by aligning himself with Armand de Brignac's Ace of Spades, and was quickly followed by Diddy's launch of Ciroc. OK so far. Ludacris then followed suit with his Conjure cognac, which may or may not be doing so well. But the topper is Mariah Carey's announcement that she will be launching her own brand of rose dubbed Angel Champagne. This is the same woman who admittedly went a bit too hard on the bubbly before a recent appearance at an awards show. It seems that a celebrity endorsement would be the last reason anyone would buy alcohol, especially champagne. But knowing society, it seems likely that Angel Champagne will muscle its way onto nightclub bottle service menus soon after its release at $350 a pop, thus merging the worst two nightlife trends of the past two decades.
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