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K! Pizzacone, Olio, Pizza Junkie and More Coming Soon

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1) Midtown: Above, a new plywood shot of the Kyochon going in on 5th Avenue between 32nd and 33rd. More importantly, however, is the next shot of the business two stores down. Last August, Grub Street discovered a grocery store in Long Island City was serving pizza in a cone from Brazil chain Cone Pizza. Today, it gets better. A new restaurant called K! Pizzacone is opening in this mini storefront in Midtown. [PLYWOOD]

2) West Village: A tipster sends in a picture of the notice outside a new restaurant Olio on 3 Greenwich Ave between 6th and Christopher. It went before CB2 on Tuesday. [PLYWOOD]

3) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie reports that a new restaurant called Pizza Junkie is opening in the former Morale Foods space on 11 Stanton. [PLYWOOD]

4) Chelsea: Roving photog Will Femia discovers a what looks to be a new Indian restaurant opening on 155 8th Ave. between 17th and 18th. [PLYWOOD]

K! Pizzacone

319 5th Ave., New York, NY

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