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The Mounting NYC Restaurant Effort to Help Haiti

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Chef Damien Brassel of East Village restaurant Knife + Fork emailed in this morning to announce 20 percent of every customer's bill, including tip, will go to Haitian relief efforts on Wednesday, Jan. 20. And just half an hour later, Philippe Massoud, chef/owner of restaurant Ilili hit the inbox with his plea for restaurants in New York to band together for a Haitian benefit night.

Massoud proposes that restaurants across the city sign on to give 10 percent of restaurant proceeds and 5 percent of server gratuities to Haitian charities on Sunday, Jan. 24. And he is asking all restaurant PR firms to spread the word with their clients, concluding, " addition to fulfilling our duty as members of the human race, I believe that a joint effort by all restaurant PR firms will be most important in this endeavor." Stay tuned for more to see if this initiative takes off, or for the time being send money to these places.
· Knife + Fork and Ilili [Official Sites]
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Knife + Fork

108 East 4th St., New York, NY