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Sorella Now Takes Resys; Never Eat at Reuters' Cafeteria

LOWER EAST SIDE— As of Jan 1st, LES restaurant Sorella now takes reservations for their rear dining room. The bar up front (about half their seating) is still walk in only. [EaterWire]

SOHO—The much protested, highly debated Grand Street Hotel in the space of the former Moondance Diner, now has a new name. It will be called The James New York, and it will have a chef-driven restaurant. [Curbed]

FLATIRON—So far Hill Country, Bar Breton, and Aldea have signed on to Philippe Massoud's plan to donate 10 percent of all restaurant revenue on Sunday Jan. 24 to Haiti. Meanwhile Boqueria has pledged $2,000 to the cause and is hoping to raise $5,993. [Diner's Journal; Boqueria]

DOH CHRONICLES—After the Times Cafeteria was shuttered by the Health Department, Daily Intel checked into the inspection reports for other medialand cafeterias around town. Reuters scored the worst with 40 violations (a failure is 28 and the city average is 14), MSNBC has 20, Hearst 19, CBS 18, and Conde Nast 7. [Daily Intel]

LONDON—Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang have chosen a London building as the first location of what is going to be a worldwide chain of barbecue restaurants. [Property Week via Coldmud]


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