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Double Gangland Stabbings Rock Avenue A's Pyramid Club

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Alphabet City isn't as sterilized and cleaned up as the neighborhood bloggers would lead you to believe. Neither More nor Less reports that two men were stabbed last night at 80's throwback venue The Pyramid Club at around 1:30 AM:

Witnesses said that colors were involved, that is gangs. Asymmetrically Blue did the stabbing and Red did the bleeding. The wounded were taken to hospital. We do not know their condition. There was mention by witnesses of pipes and fire arms also.
According to ABC, the victims had non-fatal injures and no arrests have been made. Guest of a Guest adds that the party that ended in bloodshed was named "Cocaine City Giveaway." The club was known back in the 80's as a hangout for Madonna, Blondie, and Andy Warhol, and Nirvana was said to play the venue in the 90's.
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Pyramid Club

101 Avenue A, New York, NY