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El Chod Courting Big Name Chefs for 20,000 Sq. Ft. Food Parc

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Flo Fab gets on the blog today to remind everyone about some previously reported intel on Jeffrey Chodorow's futuristic 20,000 square foot food court, called Food Parc, and a second floor Basque restaurant in Eventi, the new Kimpton Hotel. El Chod mentioned earlier that he was planning on a Red Farm stand (which everyone now knows is connected to Chinatown Brasserie's Jo Ng and restaurant consultant Ed Schoenfeld), a coffee and newspaper stand, and a to-be-named chocolate pudding cart. But Eater spies have heard that those early entries are merely the beginning. Michael White will neither confirm nor deny, but we hear he's signed on to do pasta while partner Chris Cannon will head up the wine program. It's also been suggested that Zak Pelaccio is considering a branded cart of his own.

As for the Basque restaurant, El Chod told Gael Greene ages ago that he was considering a guest chef program where greats like Ferran Adria would come in and cook for a night. Now we're hearing he's also considering having a rotating list of big time local chefs do one night stints where they show off signature dishes. Since both the restaurant and the food ocourt are still a long ways off and Chod reports that plans have yet to be finalized, its unclear how the concepts will evolve.
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Food Parc

835 6th Ave., New York, NY