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A Williamsburg Meatball Smackdown; Canora on the Critics

ON THE CRITICS—Marco Canora's thoughts on food critics, as stated on Josh Ozersky's The Mr. Cutlets Show and as transcribed by Grub Street: "It’s hard to impress guys like Frank Bruni who eat out 345 nights a week, or Adam Platt. You have to hit these guys in the head with a two-by-four if you want them to be like, ‘Wow.’ It’s hard to wow that guy — it’s almost impossible to wow that guy. A lot of great restaurants get beat up and subsequently fail because of a tepid one-star review.” [Heritage Radio Network via GS]

GREENWICH VILLAGE—Time Out has a nice account of last night's James Beard House dinner with David and Karen Waltuck. It was a goodbye dinner of sorts for 80 fans of Chanterelle. [The Feed]

CALORIE COUNTS— One of the funny findings from a calorie counts study released last week? New Yorkers ate more calories at Starbucks around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They started curbing their eating habits after January. [NYT]

WILLIAMSBURG— Meatball fanatics unite! This Friday at 8 PM, the Meat Hook in Williamsburg is holding a "Meatball Slapdown", featuring the stylings of Frankies Spuntino, Bamonte's, Roebling Tea Room, and Roberta's. Tickets are $75 at the door and $50 in advance. [EaterWire]
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James Beard House

167 West 12th St., New York, NY

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