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La Goulue Alum Takes Over 30 Year-Old Cafe Bruxelles Space

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Some restaurant news in Steve Cuozz's real estate column today. First, he reports that Francois Latapie, "once a partner in La Goulue, which he managed for 10 years and led to Michelin-star glory," is interested in another European old timer. He's taking over the 30 year-old Cafe Bruxelles on Greenwich and Jane. It's going from Belgian to French (but of course!) and it will reopen as its new entity with a new name sometime in June. No one is currently answering at the restaurant, but it appears to be open for now. Regulars and fans of those fries take note.

And in a smaller Cuozz item, he hears that Steve Hanson's Bill's Bar and Burger lease with Tishman Spyer up in Rock Center is $1 million a year, which works out to $100 a square foot. Since it's a steal for the area, he wonders if Tishman gets a cut of the business.
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Bill's Bar & Burger

22 Ninth Avenue, New York, New York 10014 (212) 414-3003 Visit Website

Cafe Bruxelles

118 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY