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Moto Gets the Chanel Treatment; Thai on 2 Still Seized

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Not new but still funny. A tipster writes, "Cease and desist?"
Not new but still funny. A tipster writes, "Cease and desist?"

WILLIAMSBURG— Chanel shot an ad this week right outside sweet little Brooklyn restaurant Moto. [Dossier Journal]

GRAMERCY— Fork in the Road runs the second part of their interview with Nick Anderer of Maialino, and gets his thoughts on what food trend needs to go away: "Useless molecular gastronomy. I like molecular gastronomy, and I think there's a place for it, when executed well, there's good use for it. We use it, we don't advertise it, but we use it. I think when it's advertised it's a little bit obnoxious, it's in people's faces. The concept comes before the flavor. I would like to see the flavor come before the concept." [FitR]

EAST VILLAGE— A tipster reports that Thai on 2, which was seized last week, is still closed. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN— Zach Brooks, founder of Midtown Lunch, talks a little bit about yesterday's news that he is leaving Midtown for Los Angeles and expanding his site to downtown and Philadelphia. The plan when he gets to LA? Follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Gold, of course. [GS]


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