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It's Boom Boom VS The Beatrice In A Nightlife Battle For Ages

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Just when it seemed that the Beatrice mania had reached its zenith, the New York Post blows the story sky high. The Beatrice team says they are itching to re-open and reclaim their place atop the nightlife world from the Boom Boom and other wanna-be's that have taken its place. Impresario Paul Sevigny fired a scorching shot across the Boom Boom's bow, telling the Post, "it's very easy to pick up a crown when it's lying on the floor. I'm not scared. I don't necessarily love hanging out in a hotel. I feel like New Yorkers would rather go to a boutique than a department store. It's got a great view, but let's face it; it's corporate." Boom! Beatrice co-owner Matt Abramcyk continues, "There's something so sensical and formulaic about having a club at the top of a hotel. Downtown New York is supposed to be the coolest place in the world. It's not Los Angeles or Vegas." How sensical! There's just one problem: The Boom Boom is open for the business while the Bea is just a sign outside a vacant bar. Or is it?

Sevigny's search for a new space has taken on a life of its own, and from what a Little Birdy told us over the weekend, plans are still rather "fluid". But Abramcyk, who also owns Smith and Mills and Warren 77, tells the Post that he has recently signed a lease for a subterranean West Village space that "sounds awfully similar" to the shuttered Bea. It could be double the Beatrice fun if either of them ever open. Mind blowing!
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