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P.J. Clarke's Expands Across U.S., Considers New Burger Shack

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This morning Crain's has some news from the quarters of P.J. Clarke's, the 130 year-old tavern turned mini chain and burger spot in Manhattan. They're expanding nationally, opening a farm, and possibly opening a burger shack in New York. Co-owner Philip Scotti confirms that branches of P.J. Clarke's will open in Vegas and Washington D.C. by this June, and Boston will follow. All in, they'd like to have branches in ten cities. As for the farm, it's a 65-acre set up in Millbrook, N.Y., meant to supply the growing restaurant empire.

The least certain but possibly most pertinent to everyone here is the last piece of intel, that the Powers That Be at PJ are "considering plans to roll out a hamburger stand here similar to Danny Meyer's Shake Shack." Though the chain's burgers have been on the decline for awhile now, there's always the chance they'll raise the bar with the new project.
· P.J. Clarke's raising its bar [Crain's]
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P.J. Clarke's

915 Third Ave., New York, NY

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