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Will Neroni Skip Town, Leave 10 Downing in His Wake?

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If his Facebook updates and Twitter account are to be believed, Jason Neroni, one of New York's most unpredictable chefs (aside from Ryan Skeen), is about to skip town. For a month or so, the ex 71 Clinton Fresh Foods, ex-Porchetta, ex-Cantina, and current 10 Downing chef has tweeted references to a new "Master Plan" while working on his new cookbook, cooking at the restaurant, and visiting the "10 Downing Farm." And now there's talk of movers, In & Out burgers, packing, and seeing "my favorite NYC places and people before i go." We await comment from both Neroni and the owners of 10 Downing, but the evidence is striking. Meanwhile, PR reps will neither confirm nor deny the move.
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