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Shack Attack! Shake Shack Expands to Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Consider this a reward for everyone who hasn't left work early this afternoon: Shake Shack is planning seven new branches in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Insanity! Let's repeat: Insanity. Reps from Union Square Hospitality Group won't have an official comment until after Labor Day, but a source very close to the deal reveals that the new projects are a go, and staff training overseas should begin shortly.

Oh, don't act so surprised. World Mayor Danny Meyer built that baby for expansion from the beginning—rumor has it there are three more planned for Manhattan before a slow nationwide expansion—and it was only a matter of time before investors overseas caught on to what a moneymaker the Shack could be elsewhere. Plus, all those billionaires in Dubai deserve some Shack Stacks to go with their indoor ski slopes and man-made islands. Stay tuned for more vital developments after the holiday weekend.
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