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Photo Ops: Bloomie Eats Calexico, Gets Extra Peppers

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An Eater correspondent in Soho this afternoon stumbled upon quite the unusual sight: Mayor Bloomberg eating at the Calexico cart with a TV crew. A crew member revealed the shooting had something to do with the mayor of Portland, Oregon dissing New York street food, the focus of an NBC segment. Here are some vital notes: He asked for extra peppers and Tabasco; he says he always waits in line and makes reservations under different names; he tipped $2 on an $8 order; and he said to the reporter (above), "You look like you're just out of college." She told him he should teach a class to young men on how to flatter women. Throughout the appearance, streams of people drove by cheering and honking their horns.
—Reporting by Matt Duckor
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