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Is Sullivan St. Bakery Kicking Chelsea Seniors to the Curb?

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According to a sad and sweet post on Vanishing New York, Sullivan Street Bakery is planning on opening up shop on 24th and 9th. Great news for Jim Lahey lovers! Terrible news for the bakery that's already there and its senior clientele, which uses the space as a meeting spot. According to the story, 47 year-old bakery Les Desirs Patisserie recently got word from its landlords that their lease would not be renewed at the end of October, and neighbors say it's because a new location of Sullivan Street Bakery is moving in. Cue the sad quote from one of the seniors:

"It gives you a reason to get out of the house...If you don't show up here for a few days--can you believe it?--your phone starts ringing!"...I asked them where they will go, once their bakery is gone. "McDonald's,' Betty said, 'That's all we can afford around here now.'
Sad. But think of all the delicious bread that will be in the neighborhood! JVNY has some tips for how the place can be saved, so click through.
· Les Desirs [JVNY]
· Les Desirs Patisserie [Official Site]

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