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Tom Mylan to Open Monster Cooking School/Butcher Shop

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Curious followers on the Williamsburg dining scene have been wondering what Tom Mylan, the butcher for the Marlow & Sons/Marlow & Daughters/Diner complex, would be doing next after his departure from the restaurant group. And today, Brooklyn Based has the reveal, and it's epic. He and the folks behind the kitchen supply store The Brooklyn Kitchen will open "a food dork megaplex" over on Meeker St. under the BQE. The operation will have two prongs: The Lab and The Meat Hook. The Lab will hold a cooking school for home cooks with two teaching kitchens, a dining room, beer and wine making supplies, "a full complement of professional baking goods, a serious selection of cookbooks and how-to manuals, as well as a whole room dedicated to bulk spices and local grains and legumes."

The Meat Hook will be a local, sustainable butcher shop. Williamsburg home cooks, Christmas is coming in October this year.
· Ask the Butcher [Brooklyn Based]