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The Plywood Report: Tipsy Parson, O Bao, and More

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1) Chelsea: An Eater operative stopped by Tipsy Parson, the new Chelsea restaurant from the Little Giant crew and got the above shot of the plywooded space. Looks great, but unfortunately for the people in the nabe, it still needs a bit of work. When it does open, however, expect a neighborhood game changer. [PLYWOOD]

2) Midtown: A tipster spots Michael "Empire Builder" Huynh outside his upcoming Midtown noodle shop O Bao, going into the old Bunchberries space at 222 East 53rd. It still looks nowhere near to being ready for its debut, but its nice to see the boss on the scene doing some hands on work. [PLYWOOD]

3) Nolita: Roving photographer Will Femia notices a new restaurant called Torrisi going in on Mulberry and Prince. Construction workers report it should open in 5 - 6 weeks. [PLYWOOD]

4) West Village: A reader sends in a picture of the current state of the bakery going into the Broncas restaurant space on 91 Christopher. Looks promising. [PLYWOOD]

5) Cobble Hill: Lost City reports that a restaurant called Ultimate Burgers and Dogs will be opening up soon in the old Chicory space at 243 Derraw St. in Cobble Hill: "It will serve, yes, a wide variety of burgers and hot dogs, including a 'create your own' option in each category...Among the dogs: New York Classic, Southern Slaw Dog, Chicago Dog, Korean BBQ Dog, Italian Sausage, etc. There's also a breakfast menu. Most intriguing from that menu: Bowl of Tots. That's a bowl of tater tots covered with whatever you want." [PLYWOOD]