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The Shutter: Lulu, Better Burger, Tea Lounge, and More

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1) Little Italy A tipster reports that sweet Mulberry Street restaurant Lulu has officially closed. After shuttering temporarily for San Gennaro, the "owners got an offer they couldn't refuse." and will not be reopening: "Sad to see it go, really liked the vibe in there. Despite the inconsistency of the food, you could tell that the people who worked there cared about the place and the people that made up the constituency. Some of the staff will be moving over to sister resto Bread." A walkby reveals chairs up on tables, bottles removed from the bar, and no signs of life. Neighbors tell Eater they're not sure what's going on. [ShutterWire]

2) Cobble Hill: Lost City reports that BK mommy and blogger hang out Tea Lounge in Cobble Hill is going the way of its dearly departed Park Slope sister. It may close as soon as Wednesday. [Lost City]

3) Hell's Kitchen: A tipster sends word that Better Burger in Hell's Kitchen has served its last: "Better Burger on Ninth Avenue (42-43) has shuttered. Was a favorite spot for me — but I guess I didn’t go often enough. To be fair, the place had been rather empty as of late, and the décor was starting to show signs of neglect. Still, I was hoping Chef Louie had a good enough deal on the space to make a go of it...I guess I’ll have to head downtown for my next fix." [ShutterWire]

4) Williamsburg: Park Lunchonette on Driggs and Lorimer, has been closed for a little while now, but regulars in the area hoped it was a seasonal shutter. Sadly, no. Confirmation comes today that she's closed for good and potential new tenants have been touring the space. [ShutterWire]

5) Greenpoint: NewYorkShitty reports that a new tenant has taken over the Cup of Joes space by McGolrick Park. [NYShitty] Update: Cup of Joes was apparently replaced by something called Ellie and now the space is empty and is being used for the filming of some TV show. Thanks commenters! You guys are the best. Sorry Greenpoint!

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