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DOH Chronicles: Angel's Share & Yokocho Get Hit

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Everyone's favorite secluded Japanese closer cocktail spot Angel's Share and the restaurant it sits behind, Yokocho, got a little visit from the spooks at the Dept. of Health this weekend. Both operations, located on the second floor above what was once Around the Clock diner and Panya bakery, were closed on Saturday with the ominous yellow DOH stickers in the window. This morning, the stickers have been haphazardly scratched off (a good sign?) but there's still no word from the bar, the restaurant, or the DOH on when they'll reopen. It's an unfortunate occurrence given the two already have to deal with the massive construction underfoot. Luckily, Sunrise Mart next door is still open. Any intel on the situation is welcome.

UPDATE: The official report, per the DOH

The Health Department closed Village Yokocho after it failed its final compliance inspection on 9/25/09. The inspection found the restaurant operating with inadequate facilities for washing and sanitizing utensils. Other factors that contributed to the closing include meat, seafood and dairy products kept at unsafe temperatures and ice contaminated by mold growth inside the restaurant’s ice machine.

In order to reopen, the operator of Village Yokocho must correct all conditions that led to violations, submit an affidavit of correction to the Health Department and schedule a re-opening inspection.

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