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City to Take Bids on Union Square Pavilion in 2 Months

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The Post reports that the city will start taking bids for the restaurant space in the refurbished pavillion on the northern end of Union Square in two months. Though neighborhood types protested the use of the space—as well as the co-chair of the development corporation Mr. Danny Meyer—arguing it should be a public space, not a business, judges eventually ruled that the seasonal cafe will go forward as planned. The winning restaurateur will get a 15 year lease to run the cafe for six months out of the year, with the option to operate a "a satellite cart or kiosk."

For those hoping for a Shake Shack: no dice. Not only would it be uncouth of the city to award two huge park bids to the restaurateur and a conflict of interest given Danny Meyer's seat on the business improvement district, but he also signed an affidavit back in '08 promising he would not try to get the space. But that's not stopping Donald Trump (or the Olive Garden!) from giving it a go. This place could be a goldmine.
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