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Monday Opening Report: Armando's Opening Tonight, Travertine Tomorrow

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1) Brooklyn Heights: A press release announces that Armando's, the 73 year-old classic Italian restaurant that shuttered last year, was replaced by a mistake of a restaurant called the Spicy Pickle, and then rebuilt in its original spot, opens tonight at 143 Montague Street: "Armando?s once served as a hideaway for the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller and Norman Mailer. The Armando?s bar was also a favorite watering hole amongst the Brooklyn Dodgers." There you have it. Mistakes can be unmade. Status: Certified opening tonight; 143 Montague St., 718-624-7167.

2) Nolita: TONY brings word on the debut of Travertine, the restaurant opening at 19 Kenmare with Top Chef alum Manuel Trevino at the stoves. Status: Opening tomorrow; 19 Kenmare St., 212-966-1810.

3) Lower East Side: The Robs report that Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, the new cannoli shop on the LES, is opening this week. Status: Opening Thursday; 176 Stanton St., 212-995-2266.

4) Midtown: TONY also reports on the opening of Kolache Mama, a fast food spot specializing in savory stuffed pastries, popular in Central Europe. They plan to open 18 New York locations over the next two year. Status: Opening Wednesday; 45 E 45th St.