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BREAKING: Michelle Obama Lunching at Gramercy Tavern

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Gramercy: A tipster on the scene this very moment reports that the First Lady Michelle Obama is dining right this minute in the main dining room of Gramercy Tavern. Good to hear the Obamas have finally left the Washington Sq. Park area. Any reports from the scene—What is she eating? Who is she with? What is she wearing?—are greatly appreciated. Oh and also, Danny Meyer wins.
Update: They are scanning everyone who enters the restaurant with metal detectors.
Update No. 2: There are no visible snipers (as was the case with the Obama/Clinton lunch date at Il Mulino). Of course, Danny Meyer is in the house.
Update No. 3: Related: Danny Meyer's Hudson Yards catering company provided the food for the US Presidential Reception for the United Nations General Assembly at The Met yesterday.
Update No. 4: The crowd outside Gramercy wasn't fully in the know. Someone asked "who's in there" Another lady's reply: "I think its Lady Gaga."
Update No. 5: There's a full report from the esteemed Paul Caine on the AV Club.
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Gramercy Tavern

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