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More Lawsuits: Masa, Pink Elephant Head off to Court

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Quite a litigious day in the restaurant industry. Maimon Kirschenbaum, the lawyer in the Japonais case mentioned earlier today, also sends along documents relating to a previously reported lawsuit filed by ex-waiters against Masa. The waiters are claiming that the owners screwed them out of their 20% tip that is mandatory on every check, a practice that is in itself incredibly dicey. The defendants are claiming that it is totally legal to share tips with sushi chefs, that they should be classified as "front of the house" because they cook in front of everyone. But as any waiter will report, that argument just doesn't fly.

The recent update is that a court judge has ruled the case worthy of moving forward. And while the document is long, it is an interesting read to see how the judge and two lawyers nail down what a sushi chef's role is in the restaurant and how he should be compensated.

Meanwhile, over in Chelsea, the owners of the Pink Elephant just got served.
· Masa Suit [Official PDF]
· BREAKING: Pink Elephant Owners, David Sarner And Bobby Montwaid, Get SERVED! [GofG]

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