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EaterWire: Ducasse Loves Xie Xie, Galanga Garden Opens

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CHELSEA— An addendum to today's Opening Report, from the tipline: "The Galanga (W. 4th St. Thai) folks are opening a place in Chelsea tonight, which i believe is called Galanga Garden. The place looks fantastic - full bar up front, restaurant in back, nice water feature in a sky-lit conservatory style section, and a back garden patio, really nice interior design overall. I've actually gotten to try some dishes from the new menu which were prepared for me off-the-menu at galanga. Should prove to be a great spot. 9th ave @ 19th street." [EaterWire]

CELEB DINING— Today on Oprah, Barbra Streisand talked about her recent meal at El Bulli, showing pictures of two dishes. [EaterWire]

HELL'S KITCHENXie Xie's Angelo Sosa has friends in high places. For a recent interview Alain Ducasse lunched with the Times there, and at the end asked if they deliver to the St. Regis. [The Moment]

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