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Good News/ Bad News: Macbar

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Soho: Delicatessen's sister restaurant Macbar is just six days old, but that hasn't stopped the comfort food-hungry crowds stopping by the place in droves to blog, twitter, and yelp about their experiences. So far it looks like the jury's out on whether the mac 'n' cheese experts prefer downtown's original noodle-centric restaurant S'mac since everything is made to order there, or Macbar because of its extensive options. To the early reports:

The Tasty but not Green News: An Eater commenter goes on day one and files this report: "I live around the corner and stopped in last night to give the place a try. The food was great, but they need to rethink the huge plastic containers they are serving the medium and large portions in- what a waste!" [Eater Comments]

The Okay News: @MacCheesy offers an expert opinoin: "At MacBar, @dnm11 and I tried the Classic, lobster, and Stroganoff. ... lobster had good chunks and was tasty...Stroganoff I thought was the best of the three. The classic was too bland for my liking. Need to try the '4 cheese' next also seems that MacBar has the menu items ready-made, unlike S'Mac. As of now, I don't believe u can make ur own combinations." [Twitter]

The Mixed Bag News: A Yelper has some hits and misses: "We loved the mushroom dish as there was a truffle essence incorporated here... and quite generously. Along with the fontina cheese and adequate usage of mushroom, it was a great dish. My only gripe is that when we reached the center of the dish, it was cold...I'm a sucker for anything seafood but I didn't think the lobster dish was as strong or worth the premium price. I did appreciate that there were a few chunk of lobster meat in the dish but the mac and cheese flavor did not complement very well." [Yelp]

The Good News: Another Yelper is more of a fan: "my mouth is doing a dance of joy. It's munching on the mushroom mac, full of fancy 'shrooms and tasty cheese, with a truffle oil kick for good measure. The prices are OK--not a super deal, but not outrageous, considering how rich the food is." [Yelp]

The Twitterific Raves: @rissahey: "Btw- MacBar on Prince is super. Better than S'mac. And get take out- the containers are bitchin" @cbeck4you: "MacBar is super tight." @kelussister: "think i could go here every day for a week and not get sick."
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