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Neighborhood Beefs, Cont: Jane Hotel Noise War Blows Up

West Village: Yesterday's news that West Villagers are asking the State Liquor Authority to deny the Jane Hotel's request for a rooftop bar wasn't the end of that little neighborhood war. Curbed discovers angry neighbors have now taken their fight to the internet with a a blog and its accompanying twitter feed, both called Nightmare on Jane. While the blog runs video (!) of the sidewalk melee and photos of band equipment on the stage (the venue promised no live music) the Twitter feed amasses all media coverage adding in gripes like the one above. They're about two steps away from breaking out the poopy underwear.

It's hard to say whether the SLA will give in to the community or the hotel, but smart bettors won't be holding their breath for that roof bar. And as for previous concerns about the negative affect on the future Cafe Gitane in the Jane, a local writes in, "I am right there with you on Cafe Gitane, can't wait for it to open in the WV. But the club has got to go. Just like Beatrice Inn, this is not something for our neighborhood."
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Cafe Gitane

113 Jane Street at The Jane Hotel, New York, NY 10014 (212) 255-4113