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New Tavern on the Green Owner Faces Off Against Union

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How Dean Poll, the new owner of the Tavern on the Green space, plans to survive while dealing with an expensive union: he's going to cut everything that makes them so expensive! Glenn Collins reports that Poll plans on reducing "employees’ wages, overtime pay, seniority and vacation time, and changes in pension, benefit and scheduling provisions." If only the LeRoys had thought of that. Of course, the union will not take making the same money as everyone else in the restaurant industry lying down. Says the rep:

This proposal is an insult, an atrocity and a slap in the face of not only this union but every New Yorker...We will strike this guy for a hundred years over this, and we will never, ever give in.
While it may seem a bit dramatic to some—and silly to protect the workers to the point where the restaurant goes out of business—this particular union has won numerous notable labor disputes in the last 20 years against The Rainbow Room, the Tavern's former owners, and the Plaza Hotel.
· Labor Showdown May Loom at Tavern on the Green [Diner's Journal]

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