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Did the Washington Post Spoil Top Chef Season 6?

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Some commenters are up in arms at a recent post on All We Can Eat, the Washington Post's food blog, because it appears to reveal the winner of Top Chef Season 6. While in the article itself, the writer refers to an "Episode winning recipe" (non spoiler), the email newsletter promoting the link reads: "'Top Chef: Las Vegas" winner and [redacted] chef [redacted] offered a late-summer farm-to-table dinner..." (possible spoiler).

But more likely than not, this was just an unfortunate copy editing error on the part of the newsletter writer. Not only would they not relay that info if they had it, but they probably wouldn't even have that info. Regardless, for those interested, a screen shot of the newsletter and some other nonsense spoiler fun ahead.


Oh newspapers! In other Top Chef kinda-maybe spoiler news, a tipster reveals that at that same dinner, Bryan Voltaggio had a new huge fish tattoo on his arm, something he got in LA right after the show wrapped. He suggested he had to do it—meaning he either lost (or won?) a bet to his bro.

Whatever. Anyone could win. Let's not forget how Eric Ripert's employee Jennifer has been killing it as well. And for those who do know the winner and haven't sign their souls away with some confidentiality contract, Eater is always listening.
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