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Fall Tracking: And the Fall Restaurant Season Starts...Now!

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Over the last couple of weeks New York Mag, Metromix, and TONY have all released their extensive fall previews, but the season doesn't officially begin until Flo Fab drops her version, live this very moment. Unlike most years, the Times' guide doesn't have many special "gets" to add—it's the same long list of Baoguettes and fish shacks that the other mags have, with a McNally thrown in here, a Momofuku tossed in there. However, they do have some fun blurbs on some of the most exciting (and/or most expensive) spots scheduled for Fall '09.

On the McNally/Nate Appleman one-two punch: "The showpiece of the kitchen will be a pair of wood-fired ovens, one for pizza and one for meat...he plans to bring whole animals into Pulino’s, break them down and roast the cuts in the oven. (He and Mr. McNally are also exploring the possibility of a stand-alone butcher shop.)" Ed question: Did the Times ask Appleman to wear a New York shirt for their SF to NYC conceit, or did he do that on his own?

On Momofuku Midtown: “'There will be a banh mi, there will be pâté made from Bev Eggleston’s pork...I’ve always wanted to do a really soigné version of pho, with marrow bones'...He’s also working with the butcher DeBragga & Spitler on a cut of steak — the culotte — that might play the juicy role of hanger steak on his menu."

On SD26: "In the soaring 140-seat fine-dining area, with an open kitchen to the west, he expects the average dinner check to be $75, including wine, about $20 less than San Domenico’s...A lounge will present $6 to $12.50 plates..At lunch, in both the lounge and the dining room, there will be a $32.50 prix fixe menu..."
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