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TGI Friday's Would Like Everyone to Know it Was Cool

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Today, the Post runs an excellent little ditty about the origin story of TGI Friday's, the nationwide chain that will invade Union Square this fall. Some major points:

A) As previously pointed out, TGI Friday's was born in New York, on the Upper East Side, in the Swingin' 60's.
B) Not only was it born in New York, it was also a hot spot for the youngins.
C) Not only was it a hotspot, it was the first establishment in what would become a nightlife center.
D) Also! It played a huge part in the Women's Lib movement, as it was the first bar where women went by themselves and got slutty, a precursor to oh so many future New York bars.

E) Hence, don't be surprised if TGIF makes a cameo in Mad Men. That's how seminal this place was.
F) It doesn't stop there! TGIF popularized mixed drinks, and bartenders there taught Tom Cruise how to be awesome in Cocktail.

Does this mean everyone should give the new Friday's coming to Union Square a chance? Not really. It's an interesting tale of a once important spot selling out and becoming shockingly unimportant. But for all those complainers out there, franchisee Dennis Riese argues there's nothing wrong with him going into a vacant storefront: " was an independent restaurant that's probably more their type of restaurant, and they didn't support it and it went out of business." That or the landlord raised the rent so high that only a chain could move in, but let's not split hairs here.
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