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Bizarre Plugs: Archie Shills for Tavern on the Green

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The blog Public Road has a pretty bonkers discovery today. While reading the latest Archie's comic book, they realize Archie & crew are weirdly enamored with the famed Tavern on the Green. The first warning sign is that they call it by its real name, even though they make references to "David Betterman," "Donald Stump," and “Brian Pepstein." But mostly, it's this dialogue:

Archie: “Can’t wait to have some of those famous Maryland crab cakes!”
Jughead: “How ’bout that porterhouse bacon cheeseburger? And fries? YES, please!”
Veronica: “I can’t believe this menu! How DEE-LISH! A fresh Mediterranean salad with feta cheese, olives, capers and a hard-boiled egg! That sounds like the perfect protein built-up for tonight’s TV taping!”
Betty: “I’d like to take some of their killer French fries back to hotel.”

Ready for the weirdest part of all? Tavern on the Green didn't pay for it. The author says he just likes the restaurant and asked TOTG if he could use their name and menu. Of course, that's not stopping Tavern on the Green from stocking the comic book in its gift shop. They're not idiots. Someone should tell Archie the restaurant won't exist in its current state come 2010.
· Why is Archie Andrews gushing over Tavern on the Green? (And why does he ruin everything he touches?) [Public Road]

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