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Facing U.S. Ambivalence, Michelin Debuts Big PR Push

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Desperate to increase sales in America, where competitors like Zagat and Yelp and respected publications like the Times are more accessible and known to the casual diner, the Michelin Guide has begun a humorous PR push. While chefs in NYC and SF have always coveted their hard won Michelin stars, locals tend to have a more ambivalent stance, and Michelin has decided the foodies just need an education in how they operate. Therefore, welcome @MichelinGuideNY, a twitter feed meant to drum up interest and Famously Anonymous, an ad campaign centered around the guide's anonymous reviewers. Says a brand strategist: "There’s kind of a ‘Da Vinci Code,’ a little James Bond feel, to who they are and how they go about working and your imagination tends to run wild with it." Yes, Da Vinci Code is the way to appeal to fresh, young audiences. Kudos, brand man.

The next edition of the New York Michelin Guide hits stores on October 6.
· Michelin Builds a Campaign Around Its Secret Reviewers [NYT]

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