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Eater Inside: Ed's Chowder House

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[Krieger, 9/16/09]

Though it looks kind of like a steakhouse (see Center Cut), Ed's Chowder House—the newest from Jeffrey Chodorow and chef Ed Brown—is "designed to take guests away from the bustling city streets and make them feel as though they walked in right off the boardwalk!" When it opens tonight, Brown—a seasoned seafood chef—will be serving up "sea shack cuisine" which translates to sweet corn chowder, New England clam chowder, shellfish chowder, rare oysters and little neck clams, mussels, lobster, lobster rolls, and the rest. Appetizers run in the mid-teens and big entrees like skate, tuna steak, striped bass, and Atlantic Salmon creep towards $30.

Chowders and their counterparts are available in the main dining room and also at the (here it comes!) Chowder Bar. Manhattan, you're welcome. Send all early reports here.

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