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Gail Simmons, Rouge Tomate Hit up the Fashion Frenzy

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Noticed a surfeit of skinny glam types filling out Manhattan's swank, hip, and yet-to-be opened restaurants this week? It's because it's Fall Fashion Week (or to technical fashion types, Spring Fashion Week 2010), and our sisters at Racked are destroying over there with the coverage. See full coverage of the runways shows for Marc Jacobs, Max Azria, Catherine Maladrino, Jill Stuart (with a bonus Gail Simmons sighting), and dozens more.

Also check out where the foodies and the fashionistas collide, inside the tents. Unsurprisingly, the freebies are mostly relegated to lquids—Diet Coke, Muscle Milk, McCafes, and the rogue Lu chocolate biscuits—while the VIP sections enjoy Pop Burgers. Health conscious Upper East Sider Rouge Tomate has a big booth, but fittingly, they also have no food.
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Pop Burger

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